The Pastor and Elders 

The elder/pastor community at Refuge is designed to model community in the ordinary and everyday. Our elders gather to prepare sermons, pray for our congregation, and care for the needs of Refuge, specifically in pastoral counseling and church leadership. Click on any elder below to email them.


Ministry Leaders

The ministry leaders of Refuge work hard to see the vision of Refuge Church become a reality in their various areas of passion and expertise. Please feel free to contact any of our ministry leaders with questions or ideas.


Community Building Team


Darden & Belinda Caylor


Joel Waymack

Gospel Community

Allison Herweck

Care Team

Sally Coleman

New Baby Care

Jason & Grace Dean


Sandy Andrich


Darden Caylor

Practical Helps

George & Sally Coleman


Family Ministries Team


Amy Searing

Kids Refuge (Ages 0-5)

Cindy Atkinson & Tracy Atkinson

Elevate (K-2nd)

Mike & Stephanie Bannon

EGC (3rd-5th)

Lisa VanDyne

Youth (6th-12th)

Jeremy & Wendy Jacobs

Men’s Ministry

Jeremy Nevil

Women’s Ministry

Tiffany Nevil


Administration Team

Darden Caylor

Joel Waymack

Trey Herweck

Jeremy Nevil

Eric VanDyne

Jeremy Jacobs

Tiffany Nevil

Ali Phillips

Administrative Assistant

Tracy Atkinson

MSP & Social Media

Kayla Smith

Facility (Janitorial)

Dennis McDonald

Facility (Maintenance)

Frank Elves


Travis Gable


Arts & Events Team

Technology & Video

David Wright

Refuge App

Aaron Phillips

Internet Network

Jeremy Jacobs


Aaron Burrows


Lisa VanDyne & Sandy Andrich

Events & Aesthetics

Amy Searing

Sara Mocca

Kayla Smith

Alanna Veteto

Tracy Atkinson